You might have noticed that a lot of new Ford models are now equipped with Ford EcoBoost engines. These engines are compact and made for impressive fuel economy and low emissions; however, that doesn't mean these engines are wimpy. In fact, they're just the opposite. And to show you just how powerful these engines are, Dolph Lundgren strapped one to a skateboard in the video below.

Clearly that's one powerful engine. It had no trouble at all getting that skateboard and that terrified rider up to 60MPH. And that's just the beginning of what it can do. This engine can provide that quick acceleration in your Ford vehicle for a seriously exciting drive, all while helping you save on gas.

To see what this engine can do in a car, come on over to our Brentwood, CA dealership. We would be more than happy to take you out for a test drive in one of our available new Ford models so you can put this engine to the test.