The 2015 Ford Edge demonstrates what happens when a proven leader takes the next step forward.  This Ford Edge is loaded with even more technology, a higher level of craftsmanship and greatly improved vehicle dynamics.  Simply put, the 2015 Ford Edge trumps its competition.

And one of the features is Enhanced Active Park Assist.  The 2015 Ford Edge can make you feel unstoppable even in the most unparkable situations.  How many times have we passed up on a parking space for fear of parallel parking?  How many times have we resorted to driving around the block in hopes of avoiding that nightmare? 

Now you can say goodbye to that nightmare and live the dream.  Enhanced Active Park Assist will steer the Ford Edge into and out of even the trickiest of parallel parking spaces.  Not only will the Enhanced Active Park Assist help with parallel parking, but also with perpendicular parking which is typical of mall parking lots.  The new Ford Edge has 12 sonar sensors; front, side and rear.  The sensors will scan the street for openings of at least two feet or longer than the Edge’s 188 inches.  Then, it will begin to steer the car in while you control the gearshift, the throttle and the brakes.  And it doesn’t stop there.  In fact, when you are ready to leave, the Edge will use its 12 sonar sensors to pull you right out of the parking space you just parked in.

When you need perpendicular parking, the Enhanced Active Park Assist will back you in using the Edge’s Side Parking Sensors.  And when you are ready to leave, you can just pull right out without the need to back the vehicle up.  The 2015 Ford Edge was designed to make your life easier.

This remarkable vehicle stands head and shoulders above its competitors.  The Edge combines luxury with convenience.  No longer is parking an uphill battle.  The 2015 Ford Edge and its Enhanced Active Park Assist will make your parking effortless. 

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