Yeah, you read that right.  No longer will you need a DeLorean to enjoy that Pepsi Perfect.  Beginning October 21, 2015, Ford will begin offering the Flux Capacitor as an option of the Ford Focus and The Ford Fiesta. 

Forget about coin holders, cargo mats, aluminum wheels or a power moon roof.  None of those accessories can touch the power and style of the Flux Capacitor.  Who doesn’t want a time travelling option? Instead you can add the element of excitement by upgrading your Ford with the exclusive Flux Capacitor.  The Flux Capacitor will be securely installed in a stylish enclosure on the center console and powered by 1.21 jigawatts, literally making time travel easy and comfortable. 

If you’re the kind of guy or gal that has wanted to see who wins the World Series in 20 years or witness the end of the world, as it unfolds before your eyes, the Flux Capacitor is for you.  To operate, all you need to do is simply set the date and time and then start driving. However, Ford does recommend a closed course for safety reasons. As you accelerate down the road, the lights on the Flux Capacitor will begin to pulse, becoming more rapid.  Once you reach 88 miles per hour, you will be instantly transported to your preset date and time.  The Flux Capacitor will allow you to have the time of your life…as you travel through time. 

Uncle Ben, and we’re not talking about the man with his delicious rice, once said; “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.”  And Ford warns all drivers that; “the Flux Capacitor and its time travelling abilities are for recreational use only.  Interfering in major historical events is illegal and could have unintended consequences for all of humanity.” 

In addition, Ford also cautions that; “Avoid your past self at all costs, as this could potentially cause a rift in the space-time continuum.”  And let’s face it…that’s sound advice.

This amazing time travelling option can be viewed and built online beginning October 21, 2015 using the Ford “build & price” online tool. All you need to do is select the Flux Capacitor option.  Keep in mind, the cost of time travel is priceless.  But Ford has found a way to determine its value.  This key option will be available for $1.21 million.  That’s small price to change history.

Obviously, this upgrade is not actually available.  But this is Ford’s way of jumping in on the Back To The Future nostalgia.  The ability to “build & price” will be available online beginning October 21, 2015 and that IS real.  Unfortunately,  Ford factories will NOT be shipping your vehicle out anytime soon. 

Just because time travel in a Ford Focus or Fiesta isn’t available just yet, doesn’t mean you can’t own one of these stunning vehicles.  Bill Brandt Ford and their outstanding sales team will not only show you unsurpassable customer service, but they will help ensure you drive off, in right vehicle for you.  Bill Brandt Ford is conveniently located at 8100 Brentwood Blvd, Brentwood, CA 94513. 

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