5 Reasons to Buy Ford Over Chevy

Ford and Chevy: two of the biggest competitors in the truck industry. The devision between these two industries runs as deep as the loyalty that consumers have for their favorite truck brand. Of course, there is no question that each company produces a great truck, but here at Bill Brandt Ford we think that Ford has the obvious leg up. Check out why!

More Experience

The Ford company has been in business since 1903 and they have remained relevant and experienced in this demanding industry. Ford has been known to be the voice of reason for truck lovers and have been constantly producing high-end, sturdy, and reliable trucks for well over a century. Throughout the years, Ford has stood the test of time and has only improved their product while staying true to their incredible business model.

Bigger Engines

The base engine is larger with more sizes to choose from than Chevy. Who doesn’t want a larger engine to rev up whenever they want?

More Power

When you think of a Ford truck you think about power. Ford trucks have more horsepower, twin turbos, and 4 axle ratio selections than the leading Chevy truck on the market. Not to mention when you pull up in a Ford your friends will be impressed.

Reliable and Safe

Ford is not just known for being powerful and looking good, but they’re incredibly safe and are reliable. Their ratings consistently show up Chevy’s. When you choose Ford you are choosing the safer truck. You want to go with Ford, they offer standard side curtain air bags on all trucks.

Tow More

Ford even beat out Chevy when it came to testing for its maximum payload and towing capabilities. If you plan on hauling something, it better be in a Ford.

What are you waiting for? Hurry in to Bill Brandt Ford to find the perfect Ford truck for you!